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This New Candle Collection Could Transform Your Home Into a Relaxing and Sensual Spa

primark core scented collection

Who doesn’t love enjoying time in a spa? They are the epitome of zen and relaxation, and now you will be able to transform your home into something similar thanks to a fab new candle and diffuser range.

Always reliable when it comes to fab home decoration ideas, Primark are following up their very successful Mary Poppins homeware collection, with a new Core-Scented candle and diffuser range ideal for creating your very own spa paradise at home.

The collection features three brand-new scents, perfect for unwinding after stressful days at work, transporting you to a beautiful sandy beach and even making your home feel like it is a garden filled with delicious apples.

primark core scented collection


The spa worthy aromas are an upgrade on the retail giant’s current home candle range.

The new collection features three scents.

To refresh the home and mind after those difficult days the Clean Cotton scent, with white lilac and amber notes.

If you are looking to transport your home to the seaside, the Sea Salt Mist could be the answer. While if you prefer a more floral scent, the Pink Peony with hints of apple can inject your home with something similar to an apple filled garden.

All three candles are ideal for creating that perfect ambiance, filling the home with a beautiful aroma you’l never tire of smelling.

All three scents come as either a candle or diffuser, which are priced at £2 and £3 respectively.

The scents are available in-store or online at Primark.

For more information visit Primark.

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