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Primark’s Mickey Mouse Home Collection Is Simply Magical

© Primark

If you’re looking to completely transform your bedroom this year, then you don’t need a Fairy Godmother to cast their magic spell. Primark has launched a Mickey Mouse home collection.

Featuring hues of soft pink and grey accented with golden tones, the best news of all is the collection is perfect for grown-up Disney fans.

Designed to accompany the retailer’s main home lines, the collection opts for a subtle take on Disney.

The range features everything you could want to turn your home into The Mickey Mouse Club but most distinctive of all is the golden Mickey Mouse ears that are used to perfect effect.

You could use one to hang your jewellery, to light up your room or to pin your post-it notes to.

primark mickey mouse home 2019

Mickey cage lamp £10, Mickey jewellery stand £6, Mickey love wooden sign £4, Primark

There’s even adorable string lights that will give your room an ambient glow, not to mention the cutest matching accessories that gives the famous brand a new lease of life.

Mickey lamp £10, Mickey paperclip string lights £6, Mickey wire grid £7, Mickey faux plants £5, Mickey candle £4, Mickey water bottle £4, Mickey drawers £10, Primark

Keep your bits and pieces tucked away stylishly with the Mickey Mouse drawers (£10) or add instant quirky personality to a room with the tiny planters for only £5.

Mickey cushion £5,  Primark

Most lustworthy of all, however, must be the accompanying pillow and duvet sets. With its simple black and white design, it’s the ultimate contrast to the rose gold style of the accessories.

Plus, you can even start your morning right with the range of mugs, tea towels, and water bottles.

Simply perfect!

The Primark Mickey Mouse House collection is available now, with prices starting from £5. 

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