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Enjoy Lounging at the Beach? This Company Will Turn your Garden into a Private Seaside Oasis

private garden beach resort

If you aren’t blessed with the luxury of living next to the seaside, this company has developed a process of transforming your back garden into a beach paradise.

Zydeco Construction is offering a service for those who want to replicate the seaside experience in their back garden by creating stunning private garden beach resorts – and we think they look so good you’ll never want to go on a beach holiday again.

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private garden beach resort

Zydeco Construction

Sometimes packing up all those seaside essentials for day tips to the beach can be a big hassle, especially if you have a large family.

You need to remember to pack all the towels, sun chairs, umbrellas, sun cream, not to mention food, cutlery, glassware, and coolers.

And the worst part is you always end up leaving something behind.

Landscape artist Eric White and his construction company Zydeco Construction, are here to help you forget about those stressful beach days by creating your very own private garden beach resort a stones throw from your door.

private garden beach resort

Zydeco Construction

Each private garden beach resort is custom designed for each project, size of land, and customers needs. The amazing resorts can come fitted with a variety of different features from gazebos, fountains, floating seats, sunbathing decking and pool houses.

To view more private garden beach resort ideas visit Zydeco Construction online.

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