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Stylish Pumpkin Succulent Pots Will Be Your New Obsession

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With seasons a’changing, there’s nothing like dreaming of chic ways to decorate your home. Enter: stylish pumpkin succulent pots.

In the houseplant world this little plant is continually making green-fingered (and the not so-green-fingered) gardeners buzz with excitement.

If rose shaped succulents haven’t got you weak at the knees yet, then this autumnal upgrade will give your plants one serious edge.

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pumpkin succulent pots


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Cast aside your dodgy Halloween decor, these ceramic pots may resemble pumpkins but their simple and chic appearance is perfect for the minimalist home.

They come in white, grey and black in a set of three, along with the prettiest bamboo frame to sit them on.

Perfect for popping in a small bathroom or in your home office alike, this chic addition can also hold your herbs or cactus plants – whichever works for you!

Ceramic Pumpkin Succulent Plant Pots are available via Amazon now for £26.93 for a set of three, including tray frame. 

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