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To Add Touches of Royalty and Luxury into Your Bedroom Go Purple

Purple has always been en vogue when it comes adding touches of luxe living and maturity to any bedroom.

The regal shade is suitable for the smallest of bedsits to the grandest of master bedrooms. Whether it be animating furniture design patterns or complimenting a home’s diverse colour scheme, its boldness can improve the aesthetic of any bedroom setting.

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What colours go with purple? How much purple is too much purple? Should I opt for a ‘safer’ choice of colour? No need to worry. Purple is bold, yet oh-so accessible.



The clash between the smoothness of a wooden skirting board and headboard, and the vibrancy of a purple colour palette will lighten up your bedroom.

As well as the wooden bed, a wooden laminate floor combined with a lavender wallpaper are the perfect marriage.

A splash of greyish white, either in the form of bedsheets or furniture, will act as the perfect connecting tissue between the romantic purple and your wooden décor.

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The simplest of bedroom adjustments sometimes make the biggest differences. If you are wanting a dash of colour in the bedroom, without a complete redecoration, a humble purple rug is the perfect accessory for you.

A thistle-tone colour rug will compliment an already purple enthused room, contributing to the bedroom’s overall aesthetic.

For the most elegant outcome, a combination of white and greyish furniture and bedding will allow this darker purple to have the intended effect.



True decor innovation is futuristic and personal. The best way to fuse ultramodern chic with a purple hue in the bedroom is to bring in the neon.

Whether it be for colourful novelty or a Blade Runner vibe, the addition of purple neon lights above your headboard will be a conversation starter.



If you want your bedroom to stand out and be unique, art is essential.

From modest pattern designs to the most pretentious work of art, what is featured in your bedroom says more about you to people than you think.

Artistic additions to the bedroom is the ideal opportunity to experiment, and the richness of purple as a colour makes it the perfect canvass to experiment with.

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