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8 Feel Good Things You Can Do at Home to Brighten Your Mood

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In these times, we could all do with a little pick me-up to help us feel more upbeat and positive.

Thankfully, there are a range of fun activities that can be done from the comfort of your own home to instantly put a smile on your face.

Here, Clare Moreton, photo expert from CEWE, shares seven feel good things you can do at home to help brighten your mood.

Create a photobook full of memories


If you’re missing loved ones, creating a photobook is the perfect way to feel closer to them.

Whether it’s travelling adventures, a family wedding or to celebrate 10 years of friendship – creating a photobook is the perfect activity to pass the time and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Why not go the extra mile and create one for someone else? It’s a great way to show you care and will brighten their day too.

Learn a new skill


Whether it’s learning a new language, getting creative with sewing, experimenting with cooking or enhancing your photography skills, there are so many new things you can learn at home that will boost your mood.

Learning something new gives us a real sense of accomplishment and is something that you can be proud of. Rope in a friend or family member and learn something new together – it’s always more fun to do something with others!

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Have a Fun Photoshoot


Our photos capture our favourite memories so what better way to spend an afternoon than documenting this precious time together and having a fun photoshoot in your home.

Gather your household and capture the fun, positive moments you’re having the opportunity to share together. Take a mixture of candid snaps or a posed group photo and have some fun with it!

Why not grab some props such as fun clothing and accessories or blow bubbles to make young children smile? Whatever you chose, it’s a sure way to have some fun and make memories.

Make the Most of the Downtime


With our usually hectic schedules leaving us with minimal time, why not see this as an opportunity to do those tasks that you’ve been putting off for ages.

Whether it’s a spring clean of your wardrobe, sorting through photographs, decorating your home or updating the garden, this period of downtime is a great chance to get things done and feel productive.

Set up a Treasure Hunt Around Your House


This can be a really fun activity to do together with those you’re living with – whether it’s adults or children! One morning, simply hide little notes around your house that contain clues or photo prints that cleverly lead them to the next one.

Eventually, they’ll find the treasure which could be a hamper full of tasty treats, a fun game for you to all play together or a box of freshly baked goods. You could take it in turns to plan one each week for something fun to do together!

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Embrace Your Inner Interior Designer


Spending so much time in your home might make you realise how much it needs a makeover, so why not give it an instant refresh by creating a unique gallery wall.

Whether it’s family photos of treasured memories, bold block prints or patterned and typography style art, embracing your inner interior designer is a sure way to lift your mood.

Get your creative juices flowing and create something beautiful in your home that will make you smile each time you see it.

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Turn your Staircase Into a Gallery


Halls and stairways can be the most difficult spaces to decorate in our homes, with many of us not knowing where to start when it comes to filling those large areas of blank space. A gallery wall is the perfect way to brighten up this tricky area of the home, allowing you to collate your favourite photos and display them in a place you’ll get to enjoy them every day.

The key to creating a gallery wall is to embrace asymmetry. You might be tempted to use the same size frames or line up your photos side by side but for a more interesting effect, mix up the size and colours of your frames and pictures.

Try starting with your biggest piece or a photo that you’d like to be the focal point of your wall, for example a family photo or a picture from your wedding day. Then, radiate a few smaller prints out from this central point.

You can also choose to bring a sense of harmony to the asymmetry by using photos with similar colours and tones.

Stay in touch with loved ones


At this time, we’re all missing someone whether it’s family, friends, grandkids or a partner and anything you can do to stay in touch and feel closer to them will instantly brighten your mood.

Schedule a weekly quiz night with them to have a laugh together, call them regularly just to check in or send them something to make them smile in the post such as a personalised card, a book of photos or a handwritten letter.