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These Succulent Quarantine Kits Will Help Spread Joy During Lockdown

quarantine succs kit
© GiftBoxLoveCo

As the ongoing coronavirus lockdown continues it is important to make sure we are staying positive and what better way to keep smiling than with adorable succulent kits.

The Quarantine Succs kit, from Etsy seller GiftBoxLoveCo, contains a live succulent, a candle, care instructions, and a hilarious personalised card – the perfect gift idea to help spark some joy amid the self-isolation and social distancing protocols.

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Life on UK coronavirus lockdown can be tough, and without the ability to leave your home it makes it extra-important that your space looks and feels alive.

GiftBoxLoveCo are aiming to help offer some positive indoor gardening joy with their “Quarantine succs kit”.

Each kit contains a live, healthy succulent housed in a 2.5 inch designer pot. A hand-made, 4 oz vanilla scented, hand-poured soy candle with a cotton wick and a 15 hour burn life.

Matches, crinkle paper and a personalised greeting card, which features quarantine succs on the front of it, are also included.

The Quarantine succs kit is priced at £29.88, with additional delivery charges applied at checkout, and are available to order from GiftBoxLoveCo online.

For more information on the Quarantine succs kit visit GiftBoxLoveCo online.

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