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A Little Raspberry Could Be Your Next Desktop Computer

raspberry pi 4

Ever felt your desktop computer at work or home takes up too much space? Then the Raspberry Pi 4 could help transform your work station into a minimalist smart hub.

The Raspberry Pi 4, created by UK-based charity The Raspberry Pi Foundation, is a dual display-compatible desktop computer without all the typical clunky accessories, and the best bit is its the size of a credit card.

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This small, no-fuss, micro-chip looking is a desktop computer.

The Pi 4 serves as a smart home hub and media center, offering almost everything a traditional desktop computer would, without all fuss.

You can conveniently edit documents, draft presentations, create spreadsheets, brown the web, and even do this running two 4k quaility monitors.

This little device runs silently, unlike big desktops which require fans, and uses considerably less power than most computers.

Priced at just £20, the Raspberry boasts a UBS-C power supply, micro HDMI ports, five USB connections, and a gigabit Ethernet.

There is a choice of RAM options, ranging from 1GB to 4GB, which all run on a version of the Linux operating system.

To buy your very own Raspberry visit The Raspberry Pi Foundation.

For more information on the Pi 4 visit The Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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