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This Stylish Green Company Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles Into the Cosiest Homeware

© Weaver Green

With over 35 billion plastic bottles entering the ocean each year, one stylish homeware company has found a way to turn waste into recycled homeware.

Weaver Green sells everything from cosy rugs to chic furniture with up to 3,000 plastic bottles turned into a soft, practical yarn.

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Weaver Green

Yes, really.

The company creates the man-made yarn by shredding up disused PET plastic bottles into very fine strips. The strips are then heated and backcombed until tiny fibres start to open, before being stretched and spinned to create the yarn.

The result is homeware you would not believe started life as plastic.

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Weaver Green

The products are created for both indoor and outdoor use so you can buy a throw or chair and use it all-year round.

Wthether you want to feel cosy around the fire in winter, or fancy setting up camp in your back garden to unwind in summer, these soft furnishings will both last… and impress your friends with its origins.

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