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This Former Scottish Farmhouse Has Been Transformed into a Jaw-Dropping Family Home

renovated scottish farmhouse

When it comes to finding inspiration for renovation projects we might have found one of the best examples of what can be achieved with just a small space, and an abundance of imagination.

Deep in the Scottish countryside of Dumfries and Galloway, a remote farmhouse has been completely transformed into a modern abode packed with all of the amenities families need and want today.

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renovated scottish farmhouse

NDA Architects

Titled the Ruins Stuido, this renovation of a 17th – century farmhouse is a crisp, modern private home that features stunning views stretching across two valleys and almost 50 miles.

Aiming to emphasise the site’s history and passage of over time, the unique renovation project uses a combination of the existing stones and foundations with modern materials such as EPDM rubber and fiberglass.

By incorporating the buildings former life with new features, the homes is packed full of life and character.

The overall structure is made from a wooden foundational shell with polystyrene blocks, which are covered with fiberglass, but its most impressive feature is the tubular interior.

renovated scottish farmhouse

NDA Architects

The inside looks and feels like you are living inside a shell, with intricate groves and wave-like walls enveloping you once you take your first steps inside.

The home also includes an abundance of windows and doors to create a constant flow of soft, natural light.

For more information on this Scottish farmhouse, or other projects, visit Nathanael Dorent Architecture online.

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