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Here’s How to Make a Rented House Feel Like a Home

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Although house prices are falling in the UK, the upfront costs of buying a home are still high, even without stamp duty included. This could be one of the reasons why the proportion of UK renters has doubled in the last twenty years.

However, even with tenancy agreements and security deposits in play, it’s still possible to turn a rented property into your own cosy and stylish home with these decorating tips from The Lighting Superstore.

Try Stick-On Wallpaper

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Being stuck with magnolia coloured walls which make your house feel more flat-pack than fab-pad is one of the most frustrating parts of renting. That’s where genius products like stick-on wallpaper come into their own.

Stick-on wallpaper works well in rented properties, as it can jazz up your décor, but still be easily removed without damaging the surface area of your walls. It’s often reusable, so you can liven up your next home as well.

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Hang Your Pictures with Command Strips

rented house ideas

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Command strips help inject personality into a space without damaging walls, as they are strong enough to hold objects like mirrors and picture frames.

If possible, place mirrors opposite a window so light will bounce into the room, making it feel bigger.

Remember, it’s always best practice to check this is OK with your landlord first, even if your tenancy agreement already allows these types of decoration.

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Reposition the Furniture

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Regardless of the type of property you rent, furniture can make a huge difference.

If your home is already furnished, reposition items to give the space a new lease of life. Group certain furniture and accessories together to create “areas” or nooks and then finish the space with the likes of a magazine rack, candles, an ottoman or floor lantern.

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Visit Marketplaces to buy Your Furniture


If your home is unfurnished, it’s time to unleash your inner creative as a blank canvas awaits. Measure out the different spaces, first considering where your current furniture pieces will sit and then shop for any new finds you may need.

Flat-pack furniture, re-selling sites and thrift markets will result in some unique designs perfect for those on a tight budget and time frame.

Consider Lighting Options

The Lighting Superstore

Lighting can make a big difference in transforming your rental property. A bold ceiling fixture like the Dolores Grey Easy Fit Pendant is an easy change to make in a furnished property and is the perfecting finishing touch to add a bit of extra style.

With any light, you choose, make sure you consider the natural light available in your home and ensure bulky furniture does not block it.

Think about how lighting ties in with your overall aesthetic even when they’re switched off.

Depending on your style, you can find ceiling pendants in different finishes like concrete, bamboo and glass, such as the Calamint Aqua Blown Glass Ceiling Pendant, to complete your chosen look.

Update Your Space with Soft Furnishings


Soft furnishings are the easiest and cheapest way to update a space. If you rent a furnished home, turn your sofa from drab to fab by covering it with a throw and cushions.

Slip on sofa covers not only look stylish, they give instant protection against pet hair or dirt drag ins for kids.

Rugs provide multiple functions in a rented home. They cover an unappealing floor, whilst protecting your deposit from accidental spillages and stains and can be moved around to switch up your interior style.

If you have multiple rugs, swap them around often to create a fresh look every few months.

Bring the Outside In


Take inspiration from some of these natural bedroom ideas and bring the outside in.

Start by putting large plants in corners, eventually adding to the space with smaller cacti and succulents on shelves and mantelpieces.

Not only do houseplants bring a space to life, but ones with broad leaves, like the peace lily and rubber plant, remove toxic compounds from the air, boost your mood and positivity levels and make you feel more relaxed.

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Matthew Currington is Technical Director at The Lighting Superstore, UK-based lighting specialists who offer a massive range of interior and exterior lights for your home.