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This New Lamp Will Charge Your Phone While Illuminating Your Home

rise smart lamp

With homes becoming tighter and our lives getting increasingly busier, space and time is at a premium.

To combat this new lifestyle, creative designers Layer have developed a new lamp called Rise for Nolii, which blends the simplicity of wireless charging with an illuminating lamp to create the perfect household life hack.

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rise smart lamp


The Rise smart lamp makes wireless charging and waking up in the morning, or going to bed at night, a seamless ritual.

The Rise lamp is powered by being plugged into a wall socket, or using a fully charged in-built battery, and is switched on and off using the Nolii application or by touching and holding Rise’s capacitive button on the side of the lamp.

Using the Nolii application will allow users to set timings for when the lamp goes on and off, along with cycling through light levels and setting digital sunrise wake-up routines on their devices.

To charge your mobile device, all you need to do is place your device on the flat panel at the top of the lamp and it will begin to charge wirelessly. The lamp also has an additional USB connector attached to the base which will allow you to charge your device when Rise’s inbuilt battery needs recharging.

The innovative lamp has won a number of awards including the Land Rover BORN awards for best tech, Dezeen Awards Shortlist for best tech, and commended by Fast Co, innovation for best product.

The Rise smart lamp is still in the development phase but could be available to buy from Nolii online later in 2019.

For more information on the Rise smart lamp visit Layer or Nolii online.