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This Plant-Based, Vegan-Friendly Ice-Cream is Helping Protect Endangered Wild Cats

roar ice cream uk
© ROAR & Froneri

To help save declining global wild big cat populations, Froneri is teaming up with a leading animal welfare charity to launch a new socially conscious ice-cream brand.

Europe’s largest ice-cream manufacturer has partnered with Panthera on a new vegan-friendly, 100 per cent plant-based, socially conscious brand called ROAR, which aims to offer a sustainabily made ice-cream that also helps with the conservation of  global wild cat populations.

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roar ice cream uk

ROAR & Froneri

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The new ice-cream range wants to offer dessert lovers a wildly delicious, sustainabily made ice-cream, that is also helping save endangered wild cats and encourage customers to find their wild side.

Plant-based meals have increased 37 per cent over the previous four years, with an increase in consumer demand has seen a 92 per cent increase of plant-based meals being eaten by non-vegans.

All of the ROAR ice-creams have been made using plant-based ingredients are UTZ certified cocoa and contain no palm-oil.

roar ice cream uk

ROAR & Froneri

The new brand includes three wildly delicious flavours; hazelnut, which combines hazelnut paste with raw salted hazelnuts and chocolate cookie pieces, coconut and mango passionfruit oat cookie, made using a coconut-based ice-cream with mango and passionfruit swirl, a hint of lemon and a portion of crunchy oat cookies.

The third flavour is a hemp seed chocolate brownie, packed with large chunks of chewy chocolate brownie and hemp seeds.

The partnership with Panthera – who are the only organisation in the world devoted exclusively to the conservation of wild cats – aims to increase tiger numbers by at least 50 per cent over a ten-year period.

ROAR ice cream UK will provide financial support to Panthera and their Tigers Forever Fund for all of their initiatives on and conservation, education and awareness of wild cat populations.

For more information on the new ROAR ice cream UK visit Froneri online.

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