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These Tiny New Succulents Look Just Like Roses and Could Be Your Next Home Decor Love

When it comes to big romantic gestures, nothing says it better than a bouquet of roses, which is why we were super excited when we saw these succulent plants that look unbelievably like a rose.

The internet has exploded with love for the Greenovia Dodrantalis, the Mountain Rose, with everyone looking for any excuse they can to add these little cuties to their homes.

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The rose succulents have existed for a number of years, often found in mountainous or volcanic regions like the Canary Islands, but they traditionally taken on a blue or greeny complexion, never this beautiful or pink.

These rare pink Mountain Rose versions resemble a cute little rosebud just starting to open up.

While traditional rose’s stunning bloom will fade after just a couple of days, these succulents will keep infusing your home with delightful colour for much longer – as long as you look after them.

Rose succulents are priced at £4,85 for fully grown plants to £13.80 for seeds to grow your own.

To find out where to buy Rose succulents visit Amazon online.

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