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The Royal Family have revealed their Christmas tree decorations and it’s too perfect

CC / Tiaa Monto

When it comes to theming your Christmas tree you may have gone Disney or perhaps you’ve popped a few Harry Potter tree decorations on your fir.

Anything that shows your personality goes, right?

Just ask Her Majesty the Queen. The Royal Family official Twitter account has unveiled exactly what decorations are hanging on Buckingham Palace’s trees and it’s festive decor at its finest.

Rather than go for a simple gold bauble or two, the palace has opted for actual crown decorations. Oh, and carriages.

royal family christmas tree

Twitter / @RoyalFamily

At first glance, the trees look simple and traditional from afar but it really is all in the detail.

On closer inspection, the addition of crowns and carriages is the ultimate finishing touch and we love the bravado behind celebrating royal culture in this way.

Twitter / Royal Family

Will we see hanging portraits of the Queen next? How about personalised versions of her corgis made using these customisable pet Christmas decorations?

To watch the video in full, just check out below:


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