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These Saint Celebrity Christmas Candles Will Light Up Your Holiday

© Etsy

If luxury candles aren’t your thing, then why not dedicate this year’s Christmas candle to your celebrity idol?

These “saint” celebrity candles are a cheeky play on religious candles featuring everyone from Marilyn Munro to Beyoncé.

They’re brilliant for showing a little of your personality around the home – or they could make for the perfect gift.

Each candle comes with your chosen celebrity idolised with a flower wreath and an angelic pose, complete with a corresponding slogan.


If you love music, you can choose a candle that reflects exactly what your Spotify is playing.

Florence & The Machine fans can show off their favourite playlist with a candle that showcases the lyrics to “You’ve Got The Love” while a Lana Del Ray version suitably includes the lyric “Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

There’s a huge variety on offer, including your favourite film and TV personalities, so you’re sure to find one that will add a quirky twist to any room in your home.

Saint Celebrity Christmas Candles are available via Etsy for £18.

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