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A New Aromatherapy Diffuser Has Arrived to Help Infuse Your Home with Luxury Vibes

saje natural wellness poosh

Is your home in need a touch of positivity? Missing something to give it that sense of freshness? This sleek accessory could potentially be the answer.

Saje Natural Wellness have teamed up with Kourtney Kardashian’s new lifestyle brand, Poosh, to help bring a dose of the luxury and celebrity lifestyle into homes with a new aromatherapy diffuser.

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saje natural wellness poosh


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The two wellness-focused home brands are looking to help stale spaces find a new fresh life.

The sleek diffuser is made from stylish white and grey cut stone, boasting an organic textured finish, which allows it to double up as a luxe piece of home decor.

The diffuser comes with a complementary Euphoric bend that’ll infuse your space with an alluring scent of rose, lavendar and grapefruit. On full power the diffuser offers seven hours of continuous misting, and 14 hours on intermittent power.

The diffuser oils used are 100% natural plant-based, and are free from additives such as parabens and synthetic fragrances.

The Saje Natural Wellness Poosh diffuser is priced at £100, with additional delivery costs, and is available to order at Poosh or Saje Natural Wellness online.

For more information on the Saje Natural Wellness Poosh diffuser, Poosh, or Saja Natural Wellness, visit online.

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