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Samsung Might Have Just Created the World’s Most Beautiful Refrigerator

samsung prism fridge

When it comes to refrigerators we often fail to look beyond traditional stainless steel boxes, this new line of brightly coloured alternatives aim to change that.

Samsung have created a new line of bespoke fridges packed with colour and life, plus they’re fully cusomisable to guarantee they’ll fit into any small or awkward kitchen space.

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samsung prism fridge


To the average person a fridge is a large white or stainless steel rectangle box that keeps food chilled and fresh. They’re not often thought of as a key element helping to create atmosphere, warmth, or even personality, in the home.

That is until now.

Samsung have created a range of bespoke refrigerators with the sole purpose of helping to create a genuine sense of home, and they are also completely customisable.

Each fridge can be built from one of nine different colour combinations, a range of bespoke door combinations, materials, and designs, that’ll make sure your fridge evokes a slice of your own personality.

samsung prism fridge


The fridges come in eight different sizes, a four-door freestanding, four door kitchen fit, two-door, one-door fridge, one-door freezer, one-door kimchi refrigerator, one-door alternating temperature fridge, and a kimchi plus.

The new fridges will be the first in a line of new products designed by the South Korean tech giant to be released under Project Prism, which is aimed at creating customisable and personal home appliances.

The new bespoke fridges are slated to be released in late 2019.

For more information on the Samsung Prism Fridge visit Samsung online.

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