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Transform your Wall Into an Entire Television

samsung the wall

If you think you have the biggest and best television available today, then you haven’t seen the latest pair of monstrous screens developed by Samsung – one which might require you to find a bigger home just to fit it in.

When it comes to home entertainment systems new frontiers are always being pushed. Whether that be the development of high definition, Ultra HD or 4K, television manufacturers are always trying to create something new and exciting.

Samsung might just have created the latest must have in home entertainment, a 75-inch and 219-inch pair of stunning televisions.


The ‘wall and Window’ televisions

Samsung debuted the two new versions of its MicroLED televisions at a technology conference last month.

The South Korean tech giant has titled the smaller 75-inch version the Window, while the 219-inch will be aptly called the Wall.

The Micro LED TVs will offer 4K UHD resolution in the 75-inch model, with the 219-inch option featuring something potentially above 4K.

MicroLED technology. essentially, uses millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce out-of-this-world colors on screen.

Samsung has yet to disclose the price tag, or release date, for either the Wall or the Window. Industry experts, however, have estimated the price could be £80,000 for the 219 – inch version and £15,000 for the smaller 75-inch screen.

For more information, or to register your interest, on the Wall and Window televisions visit Samsung online.

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