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These Scandinavian Lighting Hacks Will Help You Beat the Winter Blues

scandinavian winter lighting ideas

When it comes to surviving the winter blues, Scandinavians know how to do it right and are sharing their simple hacks to help everyone make the most of the dark and chilly months.

With the sun rising at 8:47am and setting at 2:55pm, those who live in the Nordic countries need to find simple ways of brightening up their spaces during the dark and gloomy days.

The inventors of Hygge have embraced a host of simple ideas such as candles, artificial lighting and mirrors to help them make the most of the lack of light and still maintain a positive way of living.

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scandinavian lighting ideas


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Light Candles

scandinavian lighting ideas


Giving your home a Hygge revamp with an injection of candlelight.

Research has revealed Danish people statistically burn the most candles per person across Europe, and we can understand why.

From scented to unscented, candles offer floral, breezy, crisp and clean aromas that’ll add cosy wintry vibes perfect for surviving the winter.

Technology that Simulates Natural Light


With little to no natural light current finding its way into homes, the best way to fix that is by adding artificial technology.

Whether it is a a micro LED bedside light, such as the Zucklite, daylight simulation lamps or swapping normal bulbs with daylight replicating alternatives, they all offer a simple 2020 solution.

By adding these it can help with healthy sleeping patterns, boost energy levels and, overall, improve general happiness and moods.

No Downward pointing lights

scandinavian lighting idea


The idea is not to remove all lamps or overhead fixtures altogether, just those casting down light into rooms as it is seen as a mood killer.

Instead of downcast lamp shades and fixtures, Scandinavians recommend utilsing adjustable floor and table lamps to help fill homes with bright light.

In true Scandi fashion, make sure the lamps are made using natural materials to help improve the overall mood of the room.

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Bright and Airy Decor


Across Scandinavia most homes feature bright, white walls in the living spaces. Those lighter finishes open up spaces, add life to rooms and help to people visualise happiness.

Bright colours do not need to be limited to paint and walls either, Scandi homes use it use on furniture, flooring and other home decor accessories.

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Lots of Mirrors


Need to expand small spaces or help share bright light into those hard to reach, dark areas around the home? Think mirrors.

Hanging them strategically on walls and facing windows will help transfer natural rays of light around homes, helping to add life to homes.

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