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These Fruity Scented Pillows Could Help You Fall Asleep Happier

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We all know that colour and scent can affect our mood but you probably didn’t realise it could even help you sleep better.

Sleep experts Slumberdown have created a range of scented pillows with a truly tropical twist.

Available in designs ‘Berry Bliss’ and ‘Tropical Twist’ the idea is that you’ll be treated to a delicious scent just before you nod off.

Each pillow comes with a subtle scent of fruit proven to positively boost your mood, creating a happy haven day and night.

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The special technology within the pillows will release either a blend of strawberry and raspberry or pineapple and passionfruit.

Buy: Slumberdown Scented Pillows, £10.79, Amazon

Of course, the pillows are also designed with comfort in mind too.  Each are created from hollowfibre, ideal for back sleepers, and created to create that perfect sleeping environment.

Plus, just looking at the fun and funky designs is enough to make you dream of summer and look to shake up your very own fruity cocktail – all for the bargain price of £10.79!

Slumberdown scented pillows are available at Amazon now for £10.79 each.