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These self-watering flowerpots are made entirely from recycled food waste

© Image: Bionicraft

The Alphapot is a self-watering flower pot made from food waste that decomposes completely when re-planted in soil.

Taiwan-based company Bionicraft created the Alphapot using funding from a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign exceeded their target of $10,000, raising over $15,000 in pledges.

If you have a bad record of killing plants through lack of attention (or just bad luck) then the Alphapot could be your next dream plant.

self-watering flowerpot

Image: Bionicraft

The pot contains a water reservoir that feeds the plant with water over time. Meaning you’ll never have to remember to look after your seedling.

The water is held in a corner reservoir of the pot. It then feeds the plant only when the soil draws from the reservoir through a wick that reaches around both sides.

Plants, flowers and herbs can all be housed in these self sufficient pots, all with a minimum of fuss.

The eco-friendly design is at the forefront of creator Bionicraft’s thinking. They like the idea of bringing nature into our homes but want to avoid the synthetic, plastic pots which are the most common pots that accompany our indoor plants and flowers.

Consequently all plants, flowers and pots are 100% organic and biodegradable, making Alphapots a green product in every sense.

Another great feature is the modular design. This allows you to connect plant pots together and curate a personal indoor garden that fits your space.

Image: Bionicraft

If you decide you need more indoor space or want to replace your current stock of pots then you can simply plant your pot in soil outdoors. As the pot is biodegradable, it will continue to grow outside.

We love these little eco-friendly indoor flowerpots. They are easy to manage and allow you to add greenery to even the smallest of indoor spaces without fear of accidentally killing the plants.

The company is currently running a two-for-one deal on products for $28 (around £21). Sign up here to receive updates and be among the first to get an Alphapot.

The flowerpots are estimated to deliver by December 2018.

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By Jamie Cameron