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You’ll Never Forget To Water Your Plants Again

Self watering system

Ever forgot to water your plants? They will never run out of water again thanks to this fab self watering system that is in the shape of an adorable carrot.

Have you have ever bought plants, flowers or vegetables which you hoped would grow into lushious colourful creations, but forgot to keep them watered. There is now a helpful aid that will be able to tend to your potted plants and flowers when you can’t – and it is designed to look like a cute carrot.

The Care-It from Peleg Design is here to help make sure your garden and potted plants grow-up to reach their full potential.

How it Works

Keep forgetting to water your plants? Traveling away and don’t have anyone that can look after them?

The Care-it will take care of all your plants watering needs.

All you need to do is stick the carrot into a plantpot, fill it full of water and let it go to work.

You’ll know when to top up the water by the height of the carrot’s leaves. When the leaves are high there is plenty of water left while when the leaves are lower it needs an H20 top up.

The Care-it can be purchased for £14.99 from Nuku.

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