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These Colourful Containers are 100% Compostable and Completely Eco-Friendly

shellworks plastic alternatives

As we all look for alternatives to plastics and other harmful materials, this new range of environmentally friendly homeware items have been created using a very unique, and sustainable, process.

Shellworks, a London-based start-up, has unveiled a collection of innovative machines that could offer a solution to the troubling rise in plastic waste – by creating useful, everyday products out of wasted fish shells.

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Shellworks is the brainchild of four designers from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London.

The project was to create scaleable machines that had the ability to turn seafood waste into a useful biodegradable bioplastic.

The eco-friendly products the Shellworks machines produce consists of a mixture of vinegar and chitin, which is made from discarded sea creature shells.

Buying chitin, however, is very expensive, so the Shellworks team developed a machine that extracts the costly material from the shells, and others to turn the materials into unique products.

The first machine, called Shelly, is a small-scale extractor that helps draw out the chitin from seafood waste.

The other four machines are called; Sheety, Vaccy, Drippy and Dippy. All use the raw materials to create a range of unique bioplastic products such as anti-bacterial plasters, food-safe carrier bags, cups, bowls, containers, and even self-fertlising plant pots.

The machines are currently still in a protoype phase but hope to be able to go into full scale manufacturing soon.

For more information on Shellworks visit Shellworks online.

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