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Redecorate Your Home in Minutes with This Interior Hack

shift wall

Decorating the home can often be one part design heaven second part building hell, it’s the unfortunate ying and yang of interior decorating, but there could be a new redesign hack that’ll save on all those headaches.

Shift, a new wall material created by interior specialists LAYER, is here to make sure when the time comes for a spring clean or home redecoration project it is as simple as a click and snap.

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shift wall


Adding shelves, storage space or a new display area in your home often involves drilling, hammers and nails. With Shift that’ll be a thing of the past.

Originally developed for commercial locations or high street shops, Shift is a unique interior decorating material which can also be used in homes.

Shift works by being attached to your wall in individual panel units.

Once attached to your walls each panel can be lifted up, or shifted, to create a subtle, stylish, and robust, shelving unit or storage solution without a single drill, hammer or nail in sight.

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shift wall


Shift comes in four different colours, black, blue, white and khaki. It can be attached to entire walls or used to create a single feature wall in a living room, bedroom, or kitchen area.

For more details on Shift, or other interior decorating solutions, visit LAYER online.

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