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These Impressive Sustainable Homes have Been Built using Recycled Shipping Containers

shipping container micro homes

A series of low-cost, environmentally friendly micro homes has received planning permission, and they could point the way for future affordable housing projects.

Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects have been granted planning permission to develop a neighborhood of micro-homes in Alyesbury, England, made from discarded shipping containers, with eco-friendly roofs consisting of plants, flowers and other outdoor greenery.

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shipping container micro homes

FBM Architects

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust had been in search of a way to regenerate their problematic, disused garage-sites. FBM architects submitted plans to turn one of those spaces into low-cost, environmentally friendly homes.

The homes will be made using recycled shipping containers, all brightly coloured, and will have access to standard, every day utilities such as water, electricity and gas.

Each micro home will be arranged with a living and kitchen area at the front, a separate bathroom, and a bedroom at the rear. Porches will be installed at each end of the building.

The most impressive feature, however, will be the sustainable green roof.

Each roof will be made from a blanket of pre-grown plants, filled with a range of fabulous flowers and outdoor greenery, which will help encourage the local ecosystem to live and grow alongside the new development. Additional landscaping with grass areas and semi-mature trees will help give the development a distinct identity.

An additional unit containing a laundry room and secure bicycle parking will also be created to offer residents an extra amenity.

Surrounding the project will be colourful tarmac and geometric paving to mark the area’s transformation from an under-used anti-social area to a new home zone.

The innovative scheme will provide much needed single person accommodation for social renting and student accommodation.

To view the shipping container micro homes in full visit FBM Architects online.

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