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12 Simple Small Living Room Ideas That Maximise Minimalist Style

Simple Small Living Room Ideas

Do you own a living room that sometimes feels a bit too small? We might have some simple and easy ideas that’ll make that small space feel a whole lot bigger.

If you are looking to super-size your small living room space, we have distilled a range of ideas down to our favourties, which we guarantee will increase the size of your space and won’t break the bank.

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Texture Your Colour Scheme

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


When it comes to making the most of tight spaces, use a variety of fabrics, designs and materials and texture your room.

By mixing and matching all these different styles it can create a cosy spot while still opening the space up.

Think about furniture such as love seats, wicker footrests and simple coffee tables.

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Luxurious Accents


Looking to create a larger, more luxurious living room space in a small room? You don’t need a lot of accessories to create an elegant statement.

By combining simple furnishing and subtle accents with a mixture of luxury materials and chic colours it can elevate any room to a new, spacious and luxurious level.

Consider a marble coffee table, plain white walls, a purple leather pouf, faux fur rug and golden lamps.

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Sectional Sofa Design

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


If you are short on space one of the best furniture options to help make sure you maximise the entire rooms potential is an L-shaped sofa.

An L-shaped sofa does not waste a single inch of your small living room, offering ample relaxing space.

Think about mixing in a three piece coffee table set, white and wooden colour tones to complete the look.

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Mix Colours


In small living rooms, dark furnishings add depth to rooms featuring a neutral colour pallet.

Dark furniture items create a sophisticated vibe that transforms small spaces into a luxurious jewelry box.

Pair a dark sofa or chair with neutral walls and simple additions such as indoor plants, coffee table and lamps.

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Add Some Plants

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


Nothing makes a room feel bigger than the addition of greenery.

In cosy spaces adding large indoor plants is the perfect touch to help break up a small living room space.

Think about large potted plants mixed with white furniture and simple, colourful, tables.

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California Classical vibes


Who doesn’t want to live that Cali lifestyle, it is the perfect fusion of boho chic and minimalist luxe.

To carve out our very own slice of that beach life consider white, or off-white, colour mixed with a variety of textures from rugs, fur throws, wooden flooring and soft cushions.

Combining them all together creates a relaxing and neutral vibe that’ll help you forget the size of the space.

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Remove All Knickknacks

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


One of the main culprits making small living rooms feel even smaller, is trinkets and other knickknacks scattered around the room. They make sure there’s never any available space to put anything, making for a room that resembles a hoarders paradise, rather than a relaxing living room.

The simple thing is to embrace the Marie Kondo method and remove all trinkets and knickknacks which aren’t essential.

It will not only open up the space, it will also make sure you are not stressed or anxious about the lack of space when you are trying to sit in the room.

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Create a Picture Wall Corner

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


Displaying artwork is sometimes the best way for tricking the eye and expanding the size of a room.

Consider creating a gallery wall, with picture of all sizes. It can make any space feel larger and it will even extend the look of the ceiling.

They might make a wall feel busy, but trust us, it will work.

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Add a Feature Wall

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


Transforming one wall into a visual showstopper is a trick that’ll make any sized room feel much bigger.

Go bold with bright colours against neutral tones to make sure the whole room pops with life and, most importantly, size.

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Let The Light Pour In

Simple Small Living Room Ideas


When it comes to the simplest of home decoration additions, letting natural light in will make any small, medium, or large living rooms feel even bigger.

Letting let pour in will make the space feel more airy and open.

Even if you don’t have large windows or your room is facing the sun for much of the day, choose lighter tones for your home decor and have semi-sheer blinds to make sure daylight is always bursting into your home.

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Take Advantage of High Ceilings


If you are lacking the square footage and surface space in your living room, then make the most of those high ceilings.

To make sure you are taking full advantage of the vertical space, accentuate tall windows with large, boldly coloured curtains and show-stopping wallpaper.

By adding these to your room it adds airiness and height to small spaces.

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Get Creative with Seating


If your small space can’t fit L-shaped sofas or other traditional couches and seats, it’s time to get creative to make sure it’s a living room you want to relax in.

A low to the floor sofa can help create the visual feeling your ceilings are higher.

Play with proportion and size to give your space the right feel, and try to resist the urge to push all of your furnishing against the walls. By keeping them”floating” in the room, it can create space and make the room feel wider.

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