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Sloth Planters Are the Ultimate Way to Express Your Carefree Personality

© Etsy

If you’re dreaming of all the possible pet planters you could add to your home, then meet the on-trend animal that’s currently on everybody’s mind.

Sloth planters are officially here to stay, with the lazy critter making waves in the home department.

According to Etsy’s recent home trend report, sloths are the new unicorns, symbolising “a real-life representation of the carefree lifestyle many of us strive for every day.”

Might that extend to the daily watering of plants?

It seems taking the carefree approach is most definitely the way to go to around the home or perhaps we just love the look of their adorable face?

There’s something humorous and friendly in having a sloth in your home or even in your garden.

If they’re not showing off your cactus arrangement, then have them hug your trees instead.

sloth planters

XxNiceThingsxX / Etsy, From £10.99

This creative garden ornament is sure to impress the neighbours and visiting birds alike!

Top pictured: Sloth Planter, The Very Fun Collection, Etsy, From £23.94

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