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How to Build the Best Spaces for a Small Kitchen

Ever found yourself scratching your head when you see some truly awkward kitchen layouts?

Why, you may have found yourself wondering, would anyone ever reduce working space in a kitchen?

You are not alone. Mercifully, portable kitchen islands are the antidote. They atone for awkwardly placed cabinets, design faults and tricky corners. Freestanding kitchen islands are the space saving solution.

The trick is to find the right one for your space.

Free standing kitchen island ideas

Butcher block kitchen island

Butcher block style islands are the workhorses of the kitchen. Heralding back to vintage butchers, beautiful heavy duty wood counters make heavy duty chopping a delight.

If you love the look but not the cost, budget and small kitchen friendly options are available. These options tend not to feature real wood, however, but laminate or other wood veneers.

Ikea offers a variety of butcher block style kitchen islands. The TORNVIKEN, available in off white or black, is an oak veneer kitchen island that comes in a slight 72cm wide package (just enough working space for one) or a double wide option with seating for two.

The Swedish giant also sells an add on kitchen island rack. Just install it into the TORNVIKEN, no ceiling drilling required.

Kitchen ceiling racks

kitchen ceiling rack

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Don’t forget about vertical storage.

Vertical storage, like a hanging ceiling rack, is the secret weapon for when it’s just not possible to set up a kitchen island.

Hanging pot racks are a brilliant solution when floor space is limited. Pots and pans, as valuable as they are, are notorious space hoggers. Instead of shoving them in haphazard stacks inside cabinets, install an overhead rack. They’ll be neatly stored and easily accessible to boot.

Industrial style kitchen islands

RIMFORSA work bench

Get the most bang for your buck with a portable kitchen island that maximise shelving and drawers.

This Ikea work bench is a cure all for space starved kitchens. It features hooks, drawers and open shelving, all topped by a bamboo worktop. Cook up a feast with this industrial style kitchen island.

Fitted kitchen island ideas

The beauty of a fitted kitchen island, especially if you’re the one fitting it, is making it as multi-functional and snazzy as possible.

Worktable kitchen island ideas

Whilst hot ovens and splattering sinks may not be the best neighbours for a butcher block, kitchen islands are. Butcher block kitchen islands are a mainstay for this very reason. Whether it’s country chic with a farmhouse sink, or a stainless steel industrial model, they can be dressed up in any which way.

This sparkling contemporary kitchen is distinguished by its sophisticated white and wood scheme.

The warm woods of the kitchen island, open shelving and even the ventilation hood all coordinate. Stylish cup handles and focus lights top it all off.

Functional kitchen islands

Power it up.

Consider fitting a working hob, kitchen sinks and handy outlets to kitchen islands. Cook, clean and chill all in one well-designed space.

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