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This genius rotating smart indoor garden allows you to grow fresh organic veg all-year round

If you’ve ever fancied planting and growing your own vegetables then take a look at the OGarden, a smart indoor garden which enables users to do just that.

This genius device is a small rotating wheel which revolves around a light at the device’s centre. It takes up as much space as a small desk and is designed to operate within your home, apartment, or work space all-year long.

This system of growing involves an “organic nourishing mixture” being fed to plants as they turn. It can produce up to four vegetables a day once the initial two-to-three week growing period is over.

The rotation of the wheel and the effect of gravity and the grow light can produce stronger, more robust vegetables according to the designers.

When the wheel is slowly turned, the vegetables are exposed on the side, leaves hanging down, as they make their way back to the bottom. These changes in position make them develop leaves that are more dense and vigorous.

OGarden says the system is a smart alternative to the large space and bulky equipment normally needed for plentiful indoor growing. The indoor garden can be easily maintained with around five minutes of work each day.

The device is inspired by NASA plans from the 1980s, which aimed to provide astronauts with fresh herbs during missions.

You can grow a wide variety of plants including lettuces, cabbages, Swiss chard, kale, endive, parsley, leeks, fennel, celery, basil, and other herbs, among other things.

The OGarden is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than £70,000 having only set a target goal of £22,000.

The device is initially a costly £685 or can be spread over 5 payments. Over time due to growing being a fraction of the cost of buying leafy vegetables you should make your investment back.

If you can forgive the initial expense it will be possible to harvest your own salads and herbs, grown with organic substances, on a certified organic device, directly at home, even in a small space. Exciting stuff!

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