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These New Wireless Speakers Are Ideal for Creating the Perfect Home Vibe

With our homes becoming more and more connected we’re all looking to make sure we integrate it all with style, Sonos and HAY have revealed something ideal for those looking to create that perfect vibe.

The highly anticipated collaboration between home sound system giants Sonos and Danish interior design specialists HAY has introduced a new wireless sound system that’ll inject every home with a stylish element perfect for any room.

The HAY X Sonos One speaker system is perfect for those looking to continue adding technology to the home and avoid those ugly intrusive block shapes and industrial finishes often found from other devices.

HAY x Sonos

Faced with intrusive block shapes and a limited choice of industrial finishes, the current offering in home technology can leave most feeling uninspired. HAY and Sonos are here to help change that.

The Danish interior design experts have a tradition that no two products are the same. They believe each item has its own set of colours from chairs, toothbrushes, or plates and bowls, all don’t have the same colours, yet can still complement each other and not turn homes into looking cluttered and mismatching.

For the Hay x Sonos range, the two were inspired by peoples daily lives. Creating colours and themes that everyone and every room can enjoy.

The range comes in five colour ways, soft pink, forest green, pale yellow, vibrant red and light grey, which means there is an option to suit any room.

The yellow is targeted at kitchens and bathrooms that are often kept light and airy. The green is  meant to remind owners of gardens or potted plants. The light grey is for everyone and every room. Pink is closely connected to fashion and the iconic red creates an important hue that reacts well with furniture.

The Sonos One is priced at £299 and is available to buy online at Sonos.

For more information on the HAY x Sonos One speaker visit Sonos.

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