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These Spooky Plants Will Spruce Up Your Halloween

© Omkoi

Whether you’re looking for your latest Instagrammable plant or a spot of seasonal Halloween décor, these spooky plants look just so eye-catching.

Featuring spooktacular names and equally frightening looks, these ghoulish picks will bring a ghastly edge to your plant game.

Here, horticultural experts and gardening gifts company Suttons explores some of the quirky flowers that could fit into your Halloween décor display – and the ones you’d be better running in fear from!

Venus fly trap

spooky plants


Perhaps the best-known of the ‘spooky’ plants. This carnivorous plant is native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States, but it is a popular choice for lovers of quirky flowers.

Charles Darwin once described the plant as ‘one of the most wonderful in the world’. Those who have witnessed the fly-eating flower snapping shut on an unsuspecting insect will know why!

This very distinct plant is a great choice to ‘jazz’ up your Halloween display.

If it’s good enough for The Rocky Horror Show, then it should be good enough for any home’s décor in the scary season.

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spooky succulents

halloween pumpkin succulents


A growing seasonal trend for succulents is to display them in an increasingly unique way. Consider a pumpkin succulent or a Black Echeveria for your Halloween display.

Bat flower

spooky plants


This peculiar species, which unfortunately for Halloween lovers flowers in spring time, is a unique black flower with a resemblance of a bat.

In Malaysia it is known as the Devil’s flower and many natives are afraid of looking into its ‘eyes’ as they fear death may follow!

However, residents in the UK often purchase this foliage because of its attractive ‘whiskers’ and orchid-like appearance.

Black roses

spooky plants


Roses may traditionally be the flower of love, but what about a black version?

There are several types you can purchase, including Black Velvet roses, Black Magic roses, and Black Cherry roses, so add ‘darkness’ to your display with this quirky number.

Bleeding heart

halloween plants

Kenneth Keifer

This flower is aptly shaped like our main organ — well, at least the version you’d see on a Valentine’s card!

The heart-shaped bloom appears to have a tear drop-esque petal which gives it its rather scary name. Normally a spring flower, if you are able to get a hold of them in the autumn months, they could provide the perfect backdrop for your Halloween display.

Brain cactus


This bright green cactus would look right at home in a skull-style plant pot during the Halloween period.

Its curvy stems all wrap around one another to create a round shape which makes this plant look a lot like the human brain!

Chinese lantern

Shigeyoshi Umezu

Not only are these plants perfect for spooky displays, they actually produce edible berries too!

They are easily spotted due to their delicate, bright orange covering that looks like a small pumpkin. As the fruit ages, this cover beings to waste away and this leaves a cage-like shell that appears to trap the berry inside.

Devil’s Claw

Featuring curved fruit shaped like claws, Devil’s Claw may look frightening but it actually has healing properties.

The plant has been used to help everything from back and muscular pain to skin conditions.

non-domestic spooky plants

There’s spooky plants you can display in and around your home, and then there’s these exotic breeds.

Featuring everything from terrible scents to dangerous poison, it’s best to see these plants at a botanical garden, conduct responsible research on their growing conditions or simply admire their dark beauty from the comfort of your screen.

Corpse flower

Erik Cox Photography

This flower gets its nickname from the awful smell it gives off. Native to Sumatra’s equatorial rainforests, it has a pointy stalk and skirt-like covering, but only blooms for several days.

This rare flower, officially called titan arum, only blooms every couple of years -perhaps a little too elusive for this year’s Halloween display!

Deadly Nightshade

Martin Fowler

As a highly poisonous plant, Deadly Nightshade lives up to its name. Its black, shiny berries may look tempting but are fatal. Definitely one to leave in its natural woodland habitat.

Doll’s Eyes


With its striking spooky appearance, White baneberry – also known as Doll’s eyes – can be a popular novelty plant to grow.

However, be aware that this plant is poisonous and should not be grown where pets and children reside.

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