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Etsy Have Revealed Their Hot Home Decor Trends for Spring 2019

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Think spring decor and it’s only natural you’d think of florals but actually there’s a whole host of brilliant trends awaiting to be discovered this season.

Online marketplace Etsy has revealed exactly what should be making your home and it’s all rather bold and bright…

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Southwestern style

Southwestern plates from PotterybyOsa

Back at the start of the year, Etsy predicted that desert style would creep into our homes, complete with burnt-orange tones and earthy textures, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Crystal-inspired interiors

Cheese board from KateChestersArt

Crystals are often linked to self care so it’s no surprise we’d want to surround ourselves with positive things.

Crystal-inspired decor has been having its moment, with everything from quartz candle holders to tapestries adding the personal touch.

Animal accents

Handmade porcelain serving tray from £49.10

Etsy originally predicted that the sloth would make waves in the home and they weren’t wrong . There’s been everything from sloth planters to unique sloth mugs…

Just be sure to add exotic animal prints to your radar too, drawing from jungle creatures such as parrots and lions to add colour to any room.

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Confetti shapes

Removable wallpaper from Kate Zaremba Company

Bring a sprinkle of colourful magic to your home with these abstract patterns. Etsy sellers are producing an array of confetti-like designs that deliver a serious jolt of energy.


Tie Dye Boho Bed Set from ayatextilecraftworks

Possibly a reminder of your craft projects at school, tie-dye is back but Etsy suggest that this latest incarnation comes in a range of pretty pastel palettes – from dusky rose to peach.

off-the-wall wallpaper

No longer is wallpaper simply for walls. There’s a rising trend in popping it on your stairs, your drawers, your cupboards or even your bookshelves. Possibly because of the equal rise of stylish easy peel, removable wallpaper!

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Art Deco

Dial up the drama in your home with Art Deco-inspired fixtures and finishes. Get the look with luxe textures, such as velvet sofas and sunburst mirrors, geometric patterns, and pops of metallics into your seasonal rotation.

To discover even more on the trends visit the official Etsy blog. 

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