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4 Interior Trends to Ready Your Home for Spring

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While winter is still in full swing, with the cold weather and shorter days, it can be all too easy to let ourselves feel a touch of the winter blues.

But with warmer weather on the horizon, what better time to cheer yourself up than with a look at what spring and summer have in store for home interior design?

From the latest take on the Nordic Retreat style to bright hues and playful patterns, here’s how you can give you home an on-trend look that’s fitting for the onset of spring.

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Structured simplicity

spring interior trends 2020


Minimalist interiors are set to be all the rage in 2020, offering the ideal antidote to our busy lives by curating a peaceful sanctuary for mindfulness and relaxation.

However, before you start scouring your Marie Kondo books and throwing out all your worldly possessions, you may want to consider the latest take on the Nordic Retreat trend that favours structured simplicity over completely stripped back interiors.

The result is a living space that feels calm and homely yet still packed full of personality through well-thought out design choices.

To achieve this look, move away from the cool grey hues of 2019 and inject a softer touch with yellow-based, neutral tones instead like oatmeal and beige.

These versatile palettes provide the perfect foundation to add more structure and texture with pared-back furniture and accessories without the space feeling cluttered.

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Natural materials


Natural materials like untreated wood and linen work exceptionally well with a Nordic Retreat look as they’ll make the area feel lived in and relaxing, yet still cool and comfortable – ideal for those warmer days when the sun’s shining through the windows.

Finish the look with an anchoring accent colour in the room that will bring some character into the space and tie everything together.

This could be an earthy terracotta throw, a jet black reading lamp or anything else that you feel would make the perfect standout feature.

Inspired by nature

spring interior trends 2020


As everything starts to come into bloom in early spring, it’s not surprising that many spring interior design trends take the lead from this natural phenomenon – but this year is all about sherbet yellow.

This vibrant and attention-grabbing hue is tipped to be everywhere this spring – signifying the end of a long, cold winter and the start of the season’s biggest holiday, Easter.

Think daffodils, tulips and primroses that are all bright yellow and early bloomers that are tried-and-tested display pieces in homes at this time of year – after all, who doesn’t love a vase of freshly cut flowers?

When it comes to using this colour in your home, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but the key is to use it in moderation.

For living rooms, pops of yellow using soft furnishings like scatter cushions on sofas or ornaments are a sure-fire way to pull off this look well without it feeling too overwhelming.


Alternatively, look to update your bedroom with a bright yellow bedspread or focal rug – small yet impactful accents will be the best way to give your home a colourful and summery vibe with minimal effort.

Pretty pinks

spring interior trends 2020


It’s time for coral to move over, as this year Benjamin Moore has named their ‘2020 Colour of the Year’ as ‘First Light’ – a soft, dusky pink that instantly transforms any space.

Subtle and elegant, this pretty pink was supposedly chosen to ‘reflect the air of positivity’ that’s an important part of this year’s overall mindful home decor trend.

Effortlessly bringing life and light into any room, pale pink can offer a more appealing alternative to white or light beige – conjuring up the feeling of those long, warm summer days with the scent of roses in the air.

We love the idea of using this colour in living rooms and bedrooms on the main wall to grab attention and accentuate your focal feature in the room.

This works particularly well if your furniture is in a darker, contrasting colour so it really stands out.

If daintier touches is more your style, simply swapping out heavy throws and curtains for pale pink ones in lighter fabrics will do wonders to give any room that spring-like feel.

Playful patterns

Tiles Direct

Incorporating patterns into your home decor has become a mainstay of modern interior design, but to ensure your home updates are bang on trend this spring and summer, be sure to take inspiration from patterns from around the globe.

Whether you love the intricate detail of vintage-look Victorian floor tiles, hand-painted pottery from the souks of Marrakech or Persian-inspired paisley prints on the walls, the key here is to allow patterns to be playful and bold.

Use a blend of earthy terracotta, ochre, blues and burnt reds to really channel this eclectic look.

From hallways and fireplaces to bedrooms and kitchen, there are endless ways to invite patterns into your home this spring to deliver a colourful and characterful finish just in time for summer.

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