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These Chic Stained Plants Are Made from Recycled Glass and Need No Watering

© Etsy / GLASenGLAS

If you love the look of plants but aren’t so green-fingered, the good news is you can actually buy stained glass plants.

It may seem like a strange concept to some but stained decor is a popular Etsy trend at the moment, and what better way to go for a spot of stylish interior decorating then with a chic upgrade to your greenery?

These particular creations are made by Belgium designer, GLASenGLAS, who makes stunning modern minimal glass designs that replicate your favourite plants.

There’s a few varieties in the range including an aloe vera plant, cactus and eucalyptus.

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The plants not only look eye-catching, they’re actually pretty genius window sun catchers or you could even pop one on your desk.

Best of all, however, must be that these wonderful creations are actually eco-friendly.

Recycled from old glass that’s been collected from old doors, windows, cabinets, it’s then reworked and handpainted into decorative upcycled pieces, inspired by the designer’s trip to the US and Mexico.

Although the designer is Belgium-based, the great news is you can get free UK delivery.

Unfortunately, the pot is not included but the stained glass plant, stones and a piece of oasis are included for you to assemble into your own.

Here’s one stylish plant you’ll never need to water!

Stained glass plants are available via Etsy seller GLASenGLAS now, priced around £46- £51 mark. 

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