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This New Coffee Brewing Concept Could Change the Way We Get Our Morning Caffeine Hit

stak immersive coffee brewing

Everyone has a particular way of brewing coffee, the chances are it follows the same principles the vast majority of the world uses, but we might have found a new process turning coffee making on its head with a revolutionary brewing technique.

Austin-Texas, USA, based design studio, Argodesign have created a new immersive coffee brewing system called Stak, which integrates a brewer and carafe into one coffee maker, simplifying the process and producing no waste, while also providing an uber stylish and minimal kitchen appliance.

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stak immersive coffee brewing


Immersion brewing is a process that simply involves water and coffee grounds steeped together for a couple of minutes, before being drained into a cup to enjoy.

Typically this process uses a traditional funnel-shaped brewer or cafetiere, Stak replaces this age-old design with a clever stackable mechanism involving just a brewer and carafe.

The beauty of this unique concept? It involves no buttons or power. Instead it uses hot water and careful handling by the brewer.

stak immersive coffee brewing


Following the same traditional filter and steeping process, the Stak’s uniquely designed mechanism allows the coffee to start draining into the carafe, without you having to pull or push a leaver to begin that filtering process. The Stak does it by itself.

When you have finished brewing, and ready to enjoy a delicious batch of fresh coffee, there won’t be any of those annoying spillages or drips, as the Stak is completely airtight and designed not to spill.

To Stak immersive coffee brewing kit is available for £200, with additional shipping costs, from Stak online.

For more information on the Stak immersive coffee brewing kit and process visit Stak online.

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