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Stunning loft ideas for your home

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to update or improve their homes rather than moving into something new when the urge for a change in living environment bites.

But where do you look when a change to your home is wanted?

Converting loft spaces into stunning living areas has become the trendy way forward for many as they look to improve their homes, while increasing the value of their properties.

Loft spaces, renowned for being one of the most under utilised aspects of the home, often left to collect dust and turn into a hoarders paradise, are the perfect spaces to turn into a great home addition. Whether that be a bedroom, a home office, a hideaway room or even small home altogether.

There’s a world of interior design and architectural possibilities available when it comes to converting that extra loft space into something special and exciting for you and your family to enjoy.

New home loft conversion

This amazing open plan living space combines a home office with a stunning bedroom.

It is the perfect environment for a professional looking for a contemporary living space.

It also utilises the space to combine two completely different room concepts for a loft extension.

Luxury conversion

If space is not an issue – and expense – then this is an example of a luxury home renovation when the limits are pushed and imaginations turned into a reality.

In this luxury conversion space think about all the special moments that could be spent there.

Large-scale opening

Large-scale loft renovations are tricky as planning permission is often a necessary requirement to turn these unused spaces into something special.

This is a stunning example of what can be achieved in a loft conversion if the proper planning permission is granted.

With its position at the top of the property, installing large windows will allow more natural light in and guarantees the space will look and feel bigger.

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By Alex McLeman