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Swedish Death Cleaning Is the Essential Decluttering Process You Need to Know About

swedish death cleaning

Marie Kondo revolutionised the way we declutter our homes and lives, now there’s a new dimension of cleaning and organising you need to considering entering if you truly want that perfect home and life.

Margareta Magnusson, a self-described decluttering guru might just have revealed the next stage of creating the perfect, clean, and uncluttered home, in her book called The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

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swedish death cleaning


Radical and joyous, Swedish Death Cleaning might sound extreme, but it could be that elusive helpful process that finally helps to transform your home and life.

Magnusson, who says she is between the age of 80 and 100 years old, explores the idea of Swedish death cleaning, or döstädning, the process of organising, decluttering, and giving away your belongings when, in her words, “you think the time is coming for you to leave the planet”.

It sounds morbid, considering death, but Magnusson navigates the subject by presenting the art of decluttering as a thoughtful process that ensures families are not left with the burden of organising and packing away lots of boxes of random stuff.

Whether its sorting family heirlooms from junk, downsizing to smaller homes, or establishing a new system to always remain on top of potential clutter, death cleaning aims to help everyone declutter their lives, and take stock of what is really important.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is available to buy at Amazon for £7.69 for the paperback version and £7.12 for the Kindle edition.

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