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This Flat-Pack Sofa Collection Could Be 2020’s Biggest Furniture Trend

swyft sofa collection
© Swyft Home

Flat-pack furniture and its construction is universally loathed, but UK star-up Swyft Home could be about to revolutionise the home furniture building process.

The London-based designers have created a new affordable sofa and armchair collection that can be built with just two hands, no additional tools or frustrating instructions necessary – perfect for those looking to break away from the lure of flat-pack IKEA alternatives.

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swyft sofa collection

Swyft Home

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Unlike standard IKEA furniture, Swyft insists there are no tools necessary to build their furniture – it uses a simple slip-and-click system.

Embedded in every sofa and armchair is the unique Swyft-locking mechanism, which comprises of an aluminium dock that grooved, folded steel units locks into. All the pieces slot together and lock into place. There are no difficult to use tools or screws needed, just hands to lift and lock.

swyft sofa collection

Swyft Home

The new range includes a three-seat sofa, two-seat sofa, and an armchair – all of which are available in six different colours in either linen or velvet.

Each furniture piece also comes with a memory foam cushion – perfect for those lazy, weekend sofa days.

If buyers are not happy with the furniture, Swyft offers a 100 day money back guarantee.

To view the entire collection visit Swyft online.

Prices for the swyft sofa collection range from £595 for an armchair, £895 for a two-seater sofa to £895 for the three-seater version. All are available to order at Swyft online.

For more information on the Swyft sofa collection visit Swyft online.

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