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This Lighting Range Is Infusing Homes with a Touch of Luxurious Sustainable Decor Designed to Last

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In an effort to help elevate homes to new levels of luxury, Tala have created a stunning range of LED lighting ideas that’ll give open spaces a uniquely artistic feel.

London-based interior design firm Tala have created a new range of hand-blown, sustainable lighting called; the Voronoi collection, aiming to give homes a unique luxurious touch and help slow the effects of climate change.

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Taking inspiration from intricate patterns found throughout nature and the home, the impressively crafted range embodies modern simplicity – making it suitable for every style and size of home.

The collection includes everything from hanging ceiling lights to just individual bulbs – all using dimmable LED filaments.

Each light in the Voroni range is handmade, with the bulbs all mouth-blown and shaped in a solid steel mould, hand-assembled and put through a rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee no two lights are the similar.

All lights and bulbs also have the ability to reduce home energy use on lighting by up to 90%.

If that wasn’t enough, by choosing a Tala light you are also supporting reforestation efforts. The interior experts are partnered with the National Forest FoundationNational Forest Foundation who are attempting to restore ecosystems across the UK through tree planting.

To view the entire Tala lighting collection visit Tala online.

Prices for the Tala sustainable lighting collection start at £200. All are available at Tala online.

For more information on the Tala sustainable lighting visit Tala online.

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