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These Incredible Plant-Filled Coffee Tables Double Up As Indoor Gardens

© Hackney Botanical

For those lacking space in the home, an indoor garden is a great option, but did you know you could also buy a coffee table with one built inside?

This genius idea is created by London-based bespoke planting business Hackney Botanical who create floating glass top terrarium tables upcycled from old windows.

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The tables are created using the entire window-frame or just the glass pane that are then repurposed as tabletops.

This can be taken off for watering and is propped up by metal poles to make room for air circulation.

As the tables are typically created using windows from the Victorian period, the tables not only look quirky but are built to last.

They feature a selection of stunning plants and elements such as driftwood and coral to create both a practical and decorative statement in a room.

Hackney Botanical also provide indoor landscaping services to homes and businesses to young people in the UK who predominantly do not own their own homes and outdoor spaces.

With space frequently an issue in small homes and flat arrangements, these terrarium tables might just be the ultimate space-saving solution.

Terrarium Tables are available online at Hackney Botanical Shop, with prices starting from £575. 

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