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Transform Your Home Into A Scene Straight Out of The Crown’ with These Luxury Jewel Decor Ideas

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to design, all jewels are welcome.

Historically, gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires were believed to have healing properties, which made them sought-after among royalty and the upper classes.

Fast-forward a few decades and it’s not just the actual gems which have remained a popular choice. Jewel tones are also having an interiors moment and it’s no wonder. These deep, saturated hues inspired by precious rocks can add a dash of regal glamour and luxury to any property.

Below is a range of ideal on the best ways to incorporate stunning jewel tones into the home, and emulate the picturesque scenes from the hit Netflix show, The Crown.

Colour theory

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It can be daunting creating your own colour scheme, especially when moving away from comfortable neutrals. This is where websites and apps such as Paletton or Pantone Studio can come in useful, as they can help to put together persoanlised colour wheel for each room to create winning combinations.

You’d be surprised at some of the colours that work well together. For example; opposite colours like amber orange and sapphire blue, are ‘complementary’ tones and actually balance each other out.

If these feel like too bold choices, split-complementary colour schemes can create a softer touch. Choose a base colour, plus one colour from either side of the complementary colour. For example, red would be combined with purple and orange.

This colour theory technique works best when there is variation between the warmth and intensity of the tones.

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A touch of luxe

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If you’re in the market for jewel-toned interiors, but are cautious about investing in forever pieces, dip your toe in the royal waters and add a touch of luxe. Bold colours can look just as dramatic in small doses or as a single focus point.

Soft furnishings like cushions and throws are a simple and affordable way to try out jewel tones, while adding a touch of gemstone flair to your home. Why not consider on-trend lighting pieces too, like the Calamint Aqua Blown Glass Pendant in topaz coloured glass to stay current but characterful?

For a bigger impact, a piece of furniture could become the main jewel-toned focal point. Stick to luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk and satin to add to the opulence jewel tones bring, which will create a bold and beautiful finish.

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Devoted to diamonds

the crown jewel tones

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Once you’ve tested your devotion to jewel tones with accessories, take things to the next level by adding an accent wall to rooms, introducing a bigger splash of bold, jewel-toned paint or wallpaper to your Insta-worthy abode.

Homes with a classic style are often a better fit than those with a modern finish for jewel tones. The lavish and warm feel of these colours perfectly complements elegant upholstery, textiles and intricate wallpaper.

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Purposeful picks

the crown jewel tones

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Knowing the history and psychology behind these colours will help you decorate accordingly, helping you to avoid decorating with colours that go against the purpose of a room.

Depending on the colour combinations, jewel tones can impact more than the general aesthetic of your home.

For example; purple hues are good in bedrooms as purple can promote sleep and help you relax faster. Blues make people more productive but suppress appetites, so could work well in a study.

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Glowing gems

the crown jewel tones

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One thing to consider carefully when aiming for including The Crown jewel tones in homes is due to the naturally dark finish of jewel colours, they can sometimes make a room appear smaller. This might be a no-no for some; however, a few simple hacks can prevent this.

The quickest and most cost-effective way to brighten your room, making it appear larger is with layered artificial lighting.

Use floor, wall and table lamps in different sections of the room and at varying heights to encourage the flow of light upwards and keep it evenly distributed across the space.

Complete The Crown jewel tones look with a statement lighting, feature on-trend rose-quartz Timon Non-Electric Pendant for some extra pizzazz.

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