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These Smart Eco-Pods Could Be the Homes of the Future

© Image: Conker Living

An ex-Rolls-Royce engineer has designed a new type of spherical dwelling called “The Conker”.

These “eco-pods” can be installed in one day and bring with them the possibility of stylish off-grid living.

They are the creation of Jag Virdie who, with his startup conker living, hopes to offer an affordable solution to housing shortages and the fact that people are being priced out of the homes that are available.

The Conker started life as an idea for a livable garden structure, and can still be purchased as such, but could now potentially spring up elsewhere and be the tiny home of the future.

Image: Conker Living

What’s inside?

The full-size Conker is around 13-feet tall and 12.6-feet in diameter. To gain access to the pod, you’ll use a hatch-like door and steps, similar an airplane entrance.

The Conker is eco-friendly. It’s made from aluminium and recycled plastic and so doesn’t negatively impact on the environment.

The aerodynamic shape of the Conker negates the need for guttering, and allows it to harvest water. The rainwater can then be filtered and reused.

The structure doesn’t need to be installed on a concrete base or any kind of foundation and so is adaptable to various terrain.

The walls contain more than 200mm of insulation, which promises to make it heat efficient in both summer and winter.

It’s spherical shape means there is no necessary maintenance on the outside and the shell can be updated anytime by requesting new panels.

Each panel can be individually styled to suit the needs of the resident and can be adapted so that it blends into its environment.

Image: Conker Living

Inside, the surprisingly spacious Conker boasts wooden flooring and, on request, a wet room, toilet, kitchenette, and other essentials that will turn a pod into a home!

The Conker is a bespoke product meaning you can choose whatever patterns, colours or furniture you want, inside or out.

Image: Conker Living

The pods start at around £21,000, rising to just over £30,000 when all the home comforts like toilet, wet room and kitchenette are included.

It may be pricier than other tiny homes, but with the potential for solar panels to provide free energy and the capability for off-grid living these pods will certainly appeal to people wanting a quieter, more sustainable way of life.

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By Jamie Cameron