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This Customisable Doormat Will Fill Your Home With Beautiful, Fun, and Personal Messages

Ever felt doormats held a hidden potential to greet people or send positive messages but you couldn’t quite figure out how best to get the most out of them? We might have an idea.

Tile Mat is a fully customisable mat for the home that can be transformed to feature delightfully unique designs and messages using a simple detachable hexagon tile system – making the creative possibilities limitless.

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tile mat doormat

Tile Mat

With the sole purpose of setting the perfect tone when coming home, Tile Mat is about creating meaningful home decor that’s both beautiful and uniquely personal.

Title Mat is an all-purpose mat that’s functional and – most importantly – completely customisable.

The mat comes in a vintage-inspired hexago tile design and includes a collection of black, white, and coloured titles that’ll help you create endless patterns, designs, and greetings.

The process of creating your own personalised designs is as simple as placing a tile onto the mat and applying a slight amount of pressure to lock it in place.

Tile Mat

Each tile is made of a flexable rubber material which allows them to be easily popped on and off, while still staying in place when being used and washed.

The Tile Mat come in either a standard size of 18 inches by 30 or a larger alternative at 24 inches by 36.

The mats also don’t just have to just be door greeters, they can also be used inside your home as bathmats, bedroom mats and even for your pets food bowls.

To order your own Tile Mat there are a range of options available to choose from at Kickstarter online.

For more information on Tile Mat visit Kickstarter online.

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