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Toffee Rose Are The Sweet-Inspired Flowers Taking Over Homes This Spring

toffee roses
© Clementine Botanical Art

Instead of traditional vibrant red, pink or yellow roses, Toffee coloured alternatives are sweeping the nation and quickly becoming the must-have flora to decorate homes.

The deliciously earthly-shaded flowers are taking over formal table settings and even wedding bouquets as the go-to decoration for homes this year.

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The rich, tan, light brown roses aim to offer a delicate and subtle touch of warmth to homes or table settings in 2020.

The unique flora, which originates from South America, is described as dusty caramel, dark butterscotch and toasted nut.

The sweetie-inspired flower increases in beauty, with the toffee hues becoming more abundant and pronounced, as the buds gradually open. Roses typically have a strong stem which gives them an excellent vase life, perfect for those looking for longer lasting flora.

Once in full bloom, the shape of each rose can vary due to the stems having a double centre, but they will still feature jaw-dropping beauty that’ll offer a stunning statement piece for homes, events or as presents.

Unfortunately, the unique roses are not typically found at a local florist in full bloom, instead they need to be grown from seeds.

To view toffee roses in home and event settings visit British Roses online.

Prices for bouquets of Toffee roses start at £40, which includes 25 flowers. To order visit British Roses online.

For more information on toffee roses visit British Roses online.

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