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This Tractor Shed Is Enjoying a New Life as a Sustainable Home

sustainable tracker shed home

Life as a tractor shed can be a lonely one, even more so when they’re no longer being used, but this Yorkshire farm is showing what these large buildings can be transformed in to.

Greg Storrarr and architecture firm Tonkin Liu have managed to convert a previously disused, old tractor storage shed into a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly, awe inspiring home featuring a stunning double-height library and gallery space.

The rural Yorkshire, England, abode dubbed the “Old Shed New House“, was designed for Storrarr’s parents, who were looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainably built home to retire in.

sustainable tracker shed home

tonkin liu

The Old Shed New House is nestled within the beautiful farm landscape of North Yorkshire and built on an already existing agricultural shed – after all the tools, tractors and other previous occupants had been moved out.

How was it made?

The previous steel frame and ground slabbing was repurposed and enlarged so the home design could be created.

The design of the home was chosen to accommodate the use of traditional construction techniques and low-cost materials to ensure the modest budget was not wasted, and an environmentally friendly process was followed.

sustainable tracker shed home

Tonkin Liu

The home’s internal layout is a journey of interconnected spaces, of varied proportions, alternating between the impressive and intimate. At the centre of the building is a double-story library that looks out onto a large garden space through a south-facing window.

The library is surrounded by a living room and three bedrooms stretching across two levels. The kitchen is at one end of the home and is flanked by storage and utility rooms.

A bridge connects a staircase with a mezzanine overlooking the library, which also offers access to the bedrooms.

sustainable tracker shed home

Tonkin Liu

With a number of large, open area windows, direct sunlight is prevented from penetrating into the interior of the home, and privacy is retained, by movable louvres placed on to the glass. The louvres also align with the slotted steel fins that surround the facade of the home.

The whole design process made sure to keep the original form of the shed to complete the wow factor and evoke the character of the old tractor storage shed.

For more information on the Old Shed New Home and other Tonkin Liu projects visit Tonkin Liu online.

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