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16 Unique Home Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

Shoebox flat cramping your style? Home bar ideas for small spaces can be a challenge, but so rewarding when you get it right.

With nary a spot for pots or pans, a home bar may be further down the list when flat hunting than, say, shoe storage. But the truth is, small space living doesn’t have to limit your love for liquor.

Hunting for glamorous solutions when you’re squeezed for space is actually half the fun. And you don’t have to transform the lounge to a kitted out cocktail bar in the process. These home bar ideas for small spaces sacrifice neither storage nor style.

1. Globe bar


This vintage style globe is a marvel: smart on the outside with a hidden bar within. Crafted in wood and wrapped in 16th century nautical maps, this globe bar is a genius small storage solution for home bars. It’s pretty amazing when you see it in action: the hinged meridian is a secret opening that opens up to reveal your treasured spirit collection.

Amazon, £66.95

2. Bookcase bar


Easy yet luxe, this solution just requires dressed up barware on whatever surface you can afford, be it a bookcase or an end table. Neatly arrange sparkling glassware and cocktail making kit beside your eye-catching bottle collection. The key is presentation — and shopping for barware that oozes sophistication.

Wayfair, £145.99

Bar trolleys: The classic

3. Mid-Century Bar Cart

West Elm

This classic 1960s and 1960s style cart is the Mad Men furniture of dreams. An acorn-stained walnut surface with antique brass details, this mid-century model will bring class to any lounge. Though equipped with wheels, you’ll want this to be a centrepiece wherever you station it.

West Elm, £349

4. Tiered Bar Console

West Elm

For the utmost style, this tiered bar trolley does it all with utmost sophistication. It features three levels of storage and an open glassware rack. There is ample space to show off your wine and spirits, mixers, glassware and a chic ice bucket. Expect heaps of compliments from guests.

West Elm £349

5. Riya Drinks Trolley

John Lewis

For a home bar with a gilded finish, may we submit this John Lewis trolley? It’s a minimalist statement piece on wheels with a shiny gold frame and two tiers of smoky tempered glass. Perfect for company and as everyday decór.

John Lewis, £299

6. Alana Drinks Trolley


Offered in copper or black nickel finishes, this trolley is perfect for a modern minimalist or industrial look. For those especially pressed for space, it takes up no more than 42 cm of precious floor space. Score.

MADE, £199 

Drinks trays: home bar ideas for small spaces in miniature

7. Marie Decorative Tray


For a glamorous and feminine display, this elegant tray will add a bit of gold on your tablescape. This scallop edged drinks surface is perfect for an expertly curated selection of spirits.

Anthropologie, £108

8. Gallery Edge Round Mirror Tray in Gold

John Lewis

A handsome tray made more attractive by its price, this mirror tray is an elegant vessel for cocktail hour. Its ornate metal detailing belies its steal worthy price tag.

John Lewis & Partners, £35

Shelving: Go vertical

9. Mino Leaning Shelves


Leaning shelves are a savvy yet simple solution. Functional, portable and all around complementary, these on-trend shelves are ideal for coffee table books and gin alike.

MADE, £99

10. Escala Shelf Stone


Require storage and unable to mark your walls? For home bar ideas for small spaces, vertical shelves are an effortless solution. These matte, stone coloured leaning shelves are a versatile and no fuss answer.

Dwell, £129

The bar rack: a step above

11. Gin shelf 


If you’re truly dedicated to gin and tonics, this custom-made gin rack crafted from reclaimed wood is a customisable piece of decor for the G&T devout.

Etsy (from £48)

12. Wine rack 


Another upcycled gem, but for wine lovers. Each one of a kind home bar space features its wood’s own natural knots, splits, shakes and blows with rustic charm.

Etsy (from £35)

13. Raskog trolley


Ahh, Ikea. Known geniuses of versatility and affordability, their Raskog trolley is one of their best creations. Choose from white, beige, dark blue and black, this compact super storage solution is perfect for cramped kitchens.

Ikea, £50

DIY: roll up your sleeves

14. DIY bar desk

This ingenious DIY invention creates a piece of furniture that fully functions as both a desk and home bar. Indeed, this project is no weekend DIY by any means, but an impressive marker for home bar ideas for small spaces that go above and beyond!

15. Shelves under the stairs


No space goes wasted with a bar under the stairs. And what better way to utilise a space that isn’t pulling its weight? There is ample potential for some seriously gorgeous spaces from some simple floating shelves to custom cabinetry.

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