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These Cute Houseplants Are Perfect for Luckless Gardeners

Looking to embrace a slice of nature at home? Houseplants are the perfect boost, but they can sometimes be a burden to maintain – however we might have a simple solution that’ll help inject homes with some luscious greenery.

This small collection of three houseplants are not only guaranteed to bring a slice of the great outdoors into your home, they’re also almost completely unkillable.

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unkillable houseplant ideas


Lets be honest, keeping houseplants alive can sometimes be very tricky. We forget to water and look after them properly. After a couple of greenery deaths we often turn our back on plants indoors altogether for fear of further plant disappointment.

That is where this simple collection of easy to maintain houseplants comes into play which your home – and the people who step inside – will appreciate.

Each plant is easy to tend and look after, and will never allow you to feel the guilt of yet another plant related failure.

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Snake Plant



unkillable houseplant ideas


Native to West Africa and known as the ultimate lone wolf, this plant actually does better when you completely ignore it.

Watering guide: Once every three weeks and it will live a long, healthy life.

Snake plants are also expert air purifiers — bring one into your home and you may notice that you’re breathing cleaner air and much easier.

Aloe Plant

unkillable houseplant ideas


Grown across Africa and India, this plant will grow despite your best efforts to kill it. If you accidentally chop a stem off aloe plants they will continue to live on.

Watering guide: Once every four weeks, but it can survive without any feeding for a long time.

Aloe plants have also been proven to hold benefits for skin and hair health.

Palm Plant

unkillable houseplant ideas


Resilient tropical plants which can live indoors, in any climate.

Watering guide: once every two weeks.

Their outdoor cousins are famous for their fruits (coco nuts, dates) and for growing on white sand sunny beaches. These indoor versions will help add a bit of the tropics into your home.

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