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These Upcycled Ladders Have Been Transformed Into Helpful Household Accessories

upcycled ladder shelf ideas

Old wooden ladders are perfect for transforming into fun and useful everyday furniture options, they are often a blank canvas and one of the most versatile household items available for upcycling.

If you have an old ladder, and a desire to give it a second life, it could easily be transformed into the ultimate shelving unit.

If made correctly they can look incredible, and the best bit is they require very little actual woodworking skills. There are so many ways to transform a ladder into fun home accessory, take a peek at some of these inspiring ideas

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Garden Ladder

Pexels & Love Grows Wild

This antique ladder has been created using two simple sheets of plywood.

Once built, add some gorgeous plants to make this the ultimate ladder shelf for those green thumbs.

Bedside Table Ladder

upcycled ladder shelf ideas

Pexels & Funky Junk

This ladder shelf has been upcycled into the perfect bedside table for those who are short on bedroom space.

Simply angle your ladder against the wall and secure with shelf brackets. Then create shelves on the ladder steps by cutting wooden boards to size. Alternatively, if the ladder is in good condition, open it up and position items along the steps.

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Book Shelf

upcycled ladder shelf ideas

Design Sponge

Ladder shelves work well as book shelves.

These are phenomenal display examples perfect for a small wall or living room nook.

Spring Entryway Display

upcycled ladder shelf ideas

Little Vintage Nest

It’s that time of the year when we all want to inject a bit of the great outdoors inside.

A small ladder is ideal for a creating that spring/summer entryway unit.

Find yourself an old ladder and get creative with your potted plants.

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