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Give Your Old Suitcases a New Life as a Fab Vintage Shelving Unit

In the world of upcycling, anything can be turned into something new, functional, and very unique, and these shelving ideas are guaranteed conversation starters and head turners.

Do you have a collection of vintage suitcases covered in dust in an attic or garage somewhere? Why not transform them from old, discarded items into fab upcycled suitcase shelves that’ll inject every room with style and character?

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upcycled suitcase shelves

Upcycled This

Step One: Source Your Suitcases

To add your home with a touch of upcycled vintage style firstly source all those old suitcases. If you can’t find any around the home, nearly all vintage, second hand, and charity shops will sell a variety of old school luggage options.

Step Two: Cut to size

Once found, simply trim the suitcases down to size by measuring how deep you want your shelve to be and then begin to cut. Also remember to remove any lose fabric lining from the inside and outside, it will make sewing and fixing to the wall easier.

Step Three: Build support

The next step is to create mounting panels, which is where your suitcases will sit, and suitcase inserts to make sure your shelves can hold items.

Use simple wood and hinges for attaching the suitcase to the wall, and make sure the measurements match those of your suitcases as you want to make it look like each shelve is coming through the wall, not balancing on wood.

For the inserts cut pieces of wood to the size of your suitcase and secure them inside.

Step Four: Secure your shelves

The final step is simply hanging your suitcases shelves and securing them to a wooden board with screws so they do not collapse.

Use a spirit level to check everything is straight and flat, and then begin decorating your new shelving units.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hunting for all those old suitcases and turn them into fab new upcycled suitcase shelves for your home.

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